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CHAZ/CHOP Experience.

I meant to post pictures from our incredible hike yesterday, but sorting through the pictures has been MUCH more cumbersome than I thought it would be.

So instead, I will post about my experience tonight at the area formerly known as CHAZ - the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.

Because OBVIOUSLY we had to check it out.

What is it called now? CHOP - the Capital Hill Organized/Occupied Protest.

A bit clearer in its message and purpose.

It was generally peaceful from what we saw - even the guy who was a bit off walking around with a small axe kept to himself 👍🏽.

There were cool murals and mostly friendly people around with whom we interacted. We were warned the last couple of nights had been a little rough in the area, but we felt safe there in the early evening with plenty of sunshine still around.

It was an interesting experience for sure. Zach and I even thought about camping there tonight. Why did we not? Well, I wanted a good night's sleep for one, and two, I think my mom would kill me if I did so 🙂.

Before we left, a gathering took place and a woman who represented BLM spoke. However, I felt the message communicated from the leader was very disjointed and ineffective, and she did not offer any effective solutions or suggestions for how to move forward.

I found this messaging frustrating.

As I have said before and I will say again - those leading these protests need to be actual leaders with direction and purpose, not opportunities for any individual to air their dirty laundry or scream for change without ideas how to do so or give more examples of racism in our society.

Yes, it 100% exists. And it is totally BULLSHIT. Most people get that. But what are the next steps moving forward? I want to hear thoughtful ideas and solutions or effective ways to be an ally, not merely more cries about injustice.

This movement matters so much. But only effective leadership on all levels will allow this movement to move forward and realize its full potential.

And on that note, goodnight.

Peace and love, everyone.

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