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COVID Crisis Post 1: The Eye of the Storm.

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

There are many accounts being disseminated throughout social media of what is actually happening in hospitals around the country - some may be factual, some may be sensationalized. I don't know because I am not there. BUT I AM HERE: in this incredible city of New York.

This is my account and for those who know me, they know I do not exaggerate. I am a realist and if things are under control, then they are under control. If shit is hitting the fan, then well, that shit is splattering. So here goes:

Day 1: I arrived to the hospital and it was definitely quieter than normal. I arrived to my main anesthesia floor and realized I had to sign out an N95 respirator, splash shield, and brown bag - all intended to be reused unless visibly soiled due to critical shortages. Anesthesia is amongst the highest risk for exposure so I appreciate these precautions. The day was pretty straightforward without anything particularly worrisome. I'm hoping the days to come are more of the same. The city is supposed to be eliminating elective cases for the foreseeable future, and I hope this goes through for both the health of our patients as well as us healthcare providers on the front lines.

God, I fucking love medicine. And what I do. And I feel extremely fortunate you allow me to take care of your loved ones. IT IS TRULY AN HONOR AND PRIVILEGE. And I ultimately hope these posts are much ado about nothing and you all think I'm just super ego. I really do.

Much love, my peeps.

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