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COVID is NOT Over.

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

It's too hot and humid to be overly eloquent so gonna keep it short and sweet:

COVID-19 has not gone away just because it is no longer being reported en masse by the media.

This entire country has the attention span of a gnat.

Cases AND hospitalizations, including ICU admissions, are spiking all over the country in MULTIPLE states ESPECIALLY in the states that opened well-before they met recommended criteria for reopening like Texas, Arizona, and North Carolina.

Our country is embarrassing.

Things are beginning to feel like the shit-show we experienced this spring will have its encore sooner than expected.

If you are ignoring social distancing or mask recommendations, you will directly contribute to the inevitable 2nd wave coming and the country shutting down again. No crying if it happens since you asked for it.

Memorial Day weekend, protesters and cops not wearing masks, with pepper spray and tear gas contributing to people coughing uncontrollably, huge parties and family/friend gatherings - this is gonna be an ugly summer and likely fall.

These anti-contagion policies work:

So stop being dumb, selfish, and other more colorful words, and wear your masks and social distance whenever possible.

No, I am not saying go into hiding. We need to begin having some semblance of normalcy. But if these last few months should have taught us anything, it is this:

Be smart so we do not have to deal with

COVID Shitstorm Part Deux: We Fucked Again - BUT Harder.


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