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Memories of Daddy: A Re-Rememberance.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

My dad passed away on Friday, December 20, 2013.

He was cremated on Monday, December 23, 2013.

And on Tuesday, December 24, 2013, I began to write.

My first foray into a public journal of my thoughts and feelings had begun.

At the time, I had originally planned to write a Facebook post daily for one year. But I decided to end on day 108 instead. Some may be able to guess or remember why I did so, whereas others will eventually see.

I received numerous messages of gratitude from friends, old and new, many of whom I had not spoken to or seen for years.

For some, sharing my memories of Daddy was cathartic, reminding them of their own special memories of their fathers who had passed.

For others, it provided a glimpse into how a son viewed his own father, a father who could come off as a jerk to many who did not know his true soul.

And for others, it helped lighten the souls of those grieving alongside me.

I knew I wanted to transcribe these posts to this site at some point so I could readily and easily access my thoughts from that time. Because I continue to miss him, his love, and his guidance.

But I also want to acknowledge the many who have lost their own fathers and loved ones during this exceptionally trying year by revisiting these posts in case they provided solace to some.

However, I did not know the way to reintroduce the posts. Should I publish them all at once? Should I post them daily? Why now and not previously or at a later time?

I then got the idea of Googling "108 days from now" and realized if I started posting daily starting today, Sept 4th, then my last post would be published on December 20, 2020 - the 7th anniversary of his death.

But then Mummy also reminded me that September 4 was my parent's wedding anniversary as well. It had totally slipped my mind.

So I cannot think of a more fitting date to start this journey than today ❤.

These posts will be in addition to my current writing and found in the "Memories of Daddy" section under "Miscellaneous Thoughts". But they will be posted starting with their original date of publication, December 24, 2013. They may be formatted to provide for an easier read, but the original words will remain untouched.

Some memories are short and sweet, others not as much so. Some memories are associated with a picture, others not. But all were written on one go around, emotions raw, structure and prettiness of prose be damned. I did not care to be a polished writer; I just wanted to emote in whatever way that manifested.

I am looking forward to revisiting and resharing these posts over the next 108 days. I know it will be cathartic all over again for me, and I hope it is the same for others.

Daddy had many flaws and endured many failures. He was not the perfect father, not even close. But his unconditional love for his children - and trust me it was unconditional in the purest sense - was as close to perfection as is humanly possible.

I was exceptionally lucky to experience such love, and forever will be.

I love you, Daddy. And I always will.

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