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Memories of Daddy, Post 23: Daddy's Style of Choice? Frugality.

Some may not have realized this, but Daddy actually was quite the "smart" dresser (using my Indian descriptors, you know you love it 😆).

Growing up, I never knew this side of Daddy in terms of having a half-way decent fashion sense. The reason for this is because I never really saw him spend money on his clothes. Actually, in general, he barely EVER spent any money on himself.

He earned his money to give his family everything, and to give himself nothing.

I wish Daddy was still around so I could've given back to him, to repay him for all he did. Or at least buy him a sweet suit and take a picture together with him. But since I can't, I guess I'm just going to have to take over his legacy and ensure I give my family (immediate and future) everything I possibly can as well.

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