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Memories of Daddy, Post 58: Daddy Always Tried His Best. But His Cooking Still Sucked 🤣.

Daddy was a terrible cook, another quality I clearly inherited from him.

He, just like me, was spoiled by Mummy's cooking; as a result, he never worried about learning how to cook himself (nor did he have much of an interest in doing so either). But when Mummy was not around, this was kind of a disaster.

One year when I was young, Mummy went to India for a month or two. So Daddy was left to take care of me and my two siblings. At first, it was kinda fun. We went out to eat many nights, which was great. But then that kinda got old, and we all wanted to eat some Indian food. So Daddy found a local Indian lady to make us some food. But the food wasn't good and was super oily.

Daddy was trying his best, but as kids, we weren't very forgiving.

There was one time when Daddy tried to actually make us food. To give you an idea of the disaster this was, Daddy set a papad on fire. None of us wanted to eat the food he cooked, but he told us it would be fine, so we did.

But it was god-awful, and this was the last straw for me.

I started crying and told Daddy I wanted Mummy's food, the food was terrible, blah blah blah. We called Mummy after that meal, and I yelled at her for not being home, asked her why she wouldn't come home, why she left us with Daddy who can't cook, etc etc etc. Mummy told me we would be fine and she would be back in a few weeks, and told me not to complain. But as a kid, I didn't have the ability to reason, and I was oblivious to everything Daddy was doing for us and how difficult it must have been for him.

In hindsight, I feel bad because I can only imagine how he must have felt hearing his kids get mad at him and begging for their mom to come home. That man tried his absolute best, but we, of course, could not appreciate it at that age. He always tried to be the best father possible, and I don't recall even once during that entire time him getting mad at us for wanting Mummy home.

We were so attached to our mom since we spent most of our time with her growing-up, but even with all of the negative reinforcement we gave him, Daddy never stopped being so attached to us.

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