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Memories of Daddy, Post 60: Daddy's Name Lives On.

Daddy's full name coming from India was Mahendra Kumar Ram Kumar Dalmia with Ram being his father's first name.

But when Daddy got his US citizenship, Daddy changed it to just Mahendra Ram Dalmia, which was a bit more manageable of a name. Even after Dadaji passed, Daddy was able to carry on and honor his father's name till his own last days.

If I had grown up in India, my full name would've been Manoj Kumar Mahendra Kumar Dalmia. I considered honoring Daddy by changing my name to Manoj Mahendra Dalmia, but the process with documentation, identification, individual state laws, etc, gave me pause in regards to it being an option.

But I want to do something "official" to honor his name. And I was baffled by what until I started typing this post. If I recall correctly, I believe many years ago, Daddy once told me he wanted to start a scholarship fund to help other young aspiring Indians pursue their educational dream. However, I don't believe he ever had the chance to make this a reality. Perhaps I could consider this... *side note: Mummy started a memorial scholarship in Daddy's name at his alma mater of the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) - Pilani 🙂*

Another option is to win the lottery and donate a ton of money to a school and have a building named after him.

Any other ideas?

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