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Memories of Daddy, Post 8: 2020 Sucks for the World, but 2013 Absolutely SUCKED for Me.

2013 has absolutely sucked on so many levels. I am not superstitious at all, but this year has been the worst year ever.

Minor reasons: Michigan basketball losing in National Championship; Michigan football being a tire fire; Tigers losing in the ALCS; Red Wings losing against the Hawks; the Lions being the Lions.

Significant reasons: difficulty adjusting to a new job/workplace/city; car being shot/hit while driving (but luckily I missed getting hit by less than an inch); family and personal relationship problems.

More significant reasons: the passing of my Chief, Frederick J. Curlin IV who was the main reason I even took the job at Kaiser, the day after my dad nearly died back in February; being far away from Daddy and Mummy with all the struggles with my dad's health this year and knowing the toll it was taking on both of them.

Most significant reason: the passing of Daddy on 12/20/2013 after nearly a year's worth of fighting to live to maintain a quality of life I wouldn't even wish upon my worst enemy.

I'll be brutally honest: in a selfish way, I wanted Daddy to pass before the New Year because this year has been absolutely shit.

He had struggled so much this year and I was sick of him suffering. Notice how I did not say I was sick of "seeing" him suffering; this wasn't about my feelings about his struggles, it was knowing the numerous battles he endured all year to even do something as simple as breathing on his own and how I knew that even he was getting tired of it.

This year's chapter is closing in the worst possible way, but I have hope that in the depth of this darkness where I lie on this last day of 2013, there will be a more powerful light that will shine during this upcoming New Year.

Happy New Year, my dear friends and family. I love you all.

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