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The World is Insane.

I am so tired.

For days now, I have been trying to write something, anything. I have drafted multiple posts. But each time I neared completion, I just have not felt good about posting any of them.

Each time I started one, I thought, "yes, this may change some minds about COVID". But as I continued to write, my enthusiasm for that particular post would fade.

I have tried to be rational with doses of emotion whenever I have written something. But the emotional part has not always been contained because, well, I am human and I care.

I care so much. I care so much about human life. I care so much about human lives, personal or not.

Including many of you, perfect strangers. But not of the Cousin Larry and Balki variety.

There is no dance of joy.

I am tired.

Too tired.

The insanity that continues to come out of our federal government to minimize and politicize the pandemic will not stop. It is scary. It is deranged. It is beyond dangerous.

This insanity that continues to become more insane on the daily is just too much.

I have never felt in my life our government has ever intentionally put its citizens in harm's way for their own gain. But this goes way beyond that.

They are the executioners. With eyes smiling behind their masks.

And too many people refuse to take off their blindfolds as they choose to do in their day-to-day life.

Facing reality is somehow more scary than accepting death.

Those who are content in this insane reality underscores how these messed up individuals would rather bring the masses down to their level rather than focusing on facing and fixing their own messed up lives.

The government is putting this insanity out there in broad daylight, yet people continue to choose to remain in the dark.

They are the sheep. The lemmings. Individuals who cannot think.

They are the ones who willingly walk off a cliff because they were not blessed with even an average IQ to know any better.

But not I. And hopefully not you.

If you need to lose someone to COVID or get severely ill yourself or have a loved one get severely sick before you believe it is real, be my guest.

The fact I care more about you than you do about yourself or your loved ones is insane,

but in this reality,

insanity has become the "new normal".

Oh shit, sorry.

I know how many of you out there hate that term.

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