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COVID Crisis Post 61: Hodgedy-Podgedy.

A hodgepodge post and picture for today just because #mood 🤣.

Regarding children:

It seems more and more likely there is a direct connection between COVID-19 and multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C, the name the CDC has officially given to the atypical Kawasaki-toxic shock syndrome that is being seen in kids. And it is affecting children of ALL age groups, not just under 5 with Kawasaki Disease.

And MIS-C has already led to the deaths of a 5, 7, and 18 year old in NY.

I do not have kids of my own, and I understand the concerns regarding school closures from MANY of my friends who do. But my take is if school starts and even a couple of kids at one school fall ill to MIS-C, mass panic will ensue amongst parents. That is a certainty.

So in my opinion, it seems better to use the summer to prepare for a year of virtual learning rather than scrambling to piece together a virtual curriculum at the last moment.

Because a year of disjointed, haphazard teaching would be way worse than the few months kids had to endure this time.

Regarding the CDC:

The CDC fucked up big time by not being transparent about their mask recommendations from the beginning.

An inadequate supply of masks for hospital personnel was the biggest issue, in addition to lack of awareness of asymptomatic spread at the time. But the message it helped people in hospitals but not the general population rightfully confused people and undermined the CDCs credibility in the eyes of the general public. Poor communication has been a major issue.

But the fact remains, without a strong CDC, our public health is in jeopardy. And what many people do not seem to understand is our NATIONAL SECURITY is dependent on a strong public health response.

The Lancet is one of the world's preeminent and most respected medical journals. And an editorial published today addressed the political degradation of the CDC.

They took the unprecedented step of calling out the Trump administration for their anemic pandemic response and the undermining of an institution that used to be one of the world's most respected:

And the fact is, public health HAS become political when it never should have been.

The agree with the points in the editorial, but their focus on Republican presidents will irk some. Regardless, the CDC had never been undermined to this degree. Something MUST change.

But I have no hope of this occurring with the current administration.

And before anyone starts attacking the credibility of The Lancet, let me ask this:

Is The Lancet perfect? Absolutely not, as the retracted and debunked Wakefield study linking vaccines to autism demonstrated:

BUT they DID retract it and wrote an apology regarding it - this is the definition of scientific integrity. Mistakes happen. But owning up to those mistakes is much harder to do. But in medicine, those mistakes could cost countless lives.

Science has little room for ego. How someone carries themselves says a lot about their intentions. This is true now and in life in general.

Remember that the next time you watch and believe a new video on YouTube.

Regarding masks AGAIN:

You wear a mask because, for the millionth time, THEY WORK.

Read these totally objective, data-driven articles for an AWESOME explanation of why masks work. Thanks Sami for pointing out this website to me!:

Evidence shows that our lockdown could actually be lifted much sooner if masks were worn by the vast majority of the population - like in Hong Kong, one of the DENSEST cities in the world.

Masks can be uncomfortable, but the most detrimental thing that may occur is you may have a few more pimples to pop.

So everyone who refuses to wear a mask is just prolonging their, and everyone else's, misery.

I have seen posts by people who accuse others of wearing a mask as a way to feel validated by others, or as a way to avoid being ostracized by those who do - which is ironic since the ones who do not wear masks ostracize those who do. So ostracizing would occur regardless.

Ostracize, ostracize, ostracize. These people should punch blood donors when they wear their "Be nice to me, I gave blood today!" or "I make a difference" stickers. Fucking posers, just trying to get attention.

Like blood saves lives. Idiots.

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