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Memories of Daddy, Post 10: A Son Lost Without His Daddy.

Dealing with my emotions after Daddy passed has been a challenge that is now clear to me that nobody can prepare for regardless of how long your loved one has been ill.

Usually, I'm able to keep things pretty together especially if it is not related to Daddy (don't worry my work peeps, I'll be okay for patient care!). But a lot of the responsibility to help take care of things after Daddy passed has been laid on my shoulders. I willingly accept it, especially since I want to take whatever burden I can off of Mummy, but it still doesn't mean it's not tough.

Going through letters that call my mom the widow of Mahendra R. Dalmia, calling various financial institutions to notify them of Daddy's passing, doing nightly poojas/prayers for Daddy, etc etc etc, elicits feelings ranging from immense sadness to extreme anger. So apologies ahead of time to anyone if my emotions are a bit all over the place if it involves anything about Daddy for the time-being.

I'm a son who's lost and doesn't have his Daddy's guidance for the first time in his life.

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