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Memories of Daddy, Post 13: Daddy Was Always Bragging... About His Kids.

I used to get so mad at Daddy for what I always viewed as "bragging".

We would have friends over for dinner parties, and I could always overhear my dad bragging to others about how great his children were and telling them of all of our successes. I used to hate the fact he would do this.

At the time, I viewed others as smarter or just better than me, so if anything, it made me feel worse that I wasn't as good as what Daddy was telling others. But to Daddy, it wasn't "bragging". It was his way of letting us and others know that his children were more than "good enough" - to him, we were perfect.

Our best was always going to be better than good enough for him.

He didn't care how we did in relation to everyone else, and he made sure that we knew that we would always have him to support us in any capacity that was required... that we could ALWAYS depend on him. If I can be even a fraction of the kind of dad that Daddy was, my kids are going to be ridiculously lucky.

Because I feel like I hit the lottery having a dad like Daddy.

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Sonia Varma
Sonia Varma
Sep 19, 2020

So relatable!

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