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Memories of Daddy, Post 14: Daddy Saying "No" To His Kids Wasn't Really A Thing.

Daddy used to rarely ever say "no" to any of his kids.

This used to get on Mummy's nerves a lot as she thought it didn't teach us responsibility and could potentially spoil us. Obviously, if I ever wanted anything, I'd just go to him :-).

But even when I got older and he got sicker, this never changed. He would always tell Mummy to give me money and to always give me more than what was needed or asked for.

He used to say: "why should we say no to our kids when all we have is their's anyway?".

Now, I don't blame Mummy for the way she thought as I definitely was spoiled growing up, and it did me a significant disservice at times (watch for this in a future post).

Anyway, after he passed, I, along with my sis, have been trying to do everything we can to ease the burden off of Mummy. We owe our parents our lives. We love them for loving us the way they do.

And, of course, Mummy appreciates it.

For Daddy's final pooja, I had to wear 5 new articles of clothing. The money to purchase these clothes was given by both of my Mamajis' (my mom's brothers) families. Even though I didn't want the money, my mom said I had to accept it because the money for the clothes had to come from her family. So I reluctantly said fine.

Before I left to come back to California, she wrote me a check, but for a significant amount more than what the clothes cost. When I got annoyed at Mummy for doing this, she looked at me with a smile and said: "I don't want Daddy to get mad at me for not giving you more money".

And that made me smile as well.

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