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Memories of Daddy, Post 40: Daddy's Simple, Yet Powerful, Request.

As I stated way back in Post #3, Daddy was always able to see the bigger picture with regards to his children.

He focused on things he could control when approaching his children's problems, and this was a great quality. And as I've stated on numerous occasions previously, he gave everything he had towards his children.

But he wanted to make sure we did the same for our children. And as early as middle school (I believe), Daddy began to tell us something very simple:

"All I ask of you is that you give your kids at LEAST as good of a life as I've given you kids."

Such. A. Simple. Request.

He didn't ask that we become this or that in regards to our profession.

He didn't ask us to take care of him when he got older.

He didn't ask us to be perfect in school.

All he asked us to do was to take care of our future children.

He repeated this mantra for years. I mean, for goodness sake, he started saying this before I even hit puberty. Most parents wish to instill their children with wisdom, to teach their children things that truly are valuable in life. Daddy wanted to do that starting at a very young age as he wanted this thought to become second-nature to us, for us to internalize it, for this thought to come as natural to us as breathing. He didn't want it to become an expectation from him, but something we expected of ourselves.

And now, I know I won't ultimately feel successful unless I'm able to follow through with Daddy's request. That doesn't necessarily mean in terms of material objects, but doing my best to give my (future) kids as happy of a life as I possibly can, to instill the same wisdom he instilled in me.

I sure hope I don't let Daddy down.

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